Mario Kart 8 Deluxe

TBR: April 28th

Mario and friends are back at it in the 8th installation of this famous franchise. With new mechanics, graphics and characters, the high octane racing brothers have a few new tricks up they sleeve.


Injustice 2

TBR: May 16

NetherRealm is back with a follow up to the popular fighting game Injustice. Along with new characters, arenas and a loot drop system that reminds you of a RPG. With character customization that will influence your battle approach, Injustice 2 is one to keep an eye out for.


The Elder Scrolls: Morrowind Expansion

TBR: June 6

Since it’s 2002 release, Morrowind is back in the spotlight with a nice feature packed expansion. Three new maps, new Warden player class which comes with a bear as an companion. The expansion will also have a new PvP mode called Battleground. Along with a new 12 player dungeon called Hall of Fabrication. 700 years before the events of Elder Scrolls III, Vvardenfell and it’s guardian Vivec, will be counting on you.


Final Fantasy XIV: Stormblood

TBR: June 20

With over 6 million players, Nobuo Uematsu, Yasumi Matsuno and Kieta Amemiya make a return to contribute to Stormbloods expansion. The collectors edition will include Syldra mount, a bartz minion and the Chicken Knife for Red Mages. With 8 man, 24 man raids, diving and swimming, Final Fantasy is bringing the works to the table.


Middle-Earth Shadow of War

TBR: August 22

Shadow of War picks up after the events of Shadow of Mordor. Areas beyond Mount Doom will now be accessible. The introduction of the Ringwraiths to Tailons journey and will also feature the fall of human city Minas Ithil to the Witch King which is one the most important moments in the history of Middle-Earth. Shadow of War will also include a reimagined and expanded Nemesis system. With much more and more to come Shadow of War will be a title to keep your Ring of Power ready for.


Days Gone

TBR: Dec. 26

The highly anticipated open world action-adventure survival finally has a birthday. Since it’s announce trailer at E3 ’16, zombie hordes will never be the same. Deacon St. John, bounty hunter and drifter will have a endless fight to stay alive in the volcanic scarred high-desert of the Pacific Northwest. With the power of the Unreal Engine 4 bringing realistic and detailed environments, real time lighting, day cycles playing a part in experience and weather effecting enemy behavior, could you survive the Freakers?splatoon-2-hd-rumble.jpg

Splatoon 2

TBR: Dec. 31

Nintendos follow up to their online multiplayer shooter made some good impressions with their test fire. Although lacking key features like chat, it managed to build up a buzz with its’ frantic and exciting gameplay. Spotlighting a few of the Switches highlights, Nintendo still has the veil up on what to expect from this anticipated sequel. Either way it was still good enough to have people dusting their Wii U off for a refresher course.


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