Activision drops the veil on CODWWII Worldwide Reveal 4.26-10am PDT/ 1pm EDT

What we do know:

Sledgehammer Games has grabbed the reigns on this one. You might recall they were responsible for Advanced Warfare. Yea I know, less than what was expected. Let’s not drag them through the mud on it. Still a great studio with talented Devs. Regardless the anxiety is high with this addition to the franchise. The only question left, is what could be done that hasn’t been in the previous titles? What have we not seen, what sets this apart other than that is a WWII setting? Can we expect Battlefield 1 with COD maps and gameplay? I know that’s a stretch but true fans of the franchise want to know. I guess we will have to wait. 

4.26 is right around the corner. Leggo

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