Razer Lancehead the “Smart Mouse” 

Razer Online Store

Wireless mice have always been on the back burner when it comes to competitive gaming. The Razer Lancehead hopes to change that. What Razer calls, “the world’s most reliable, tournament-grade wireless gaming mouse.” What makes it reliable? Razers “Adaptive Frequency Technology” or AFT for short. Designed to always choose the strongest frequency in it’s 2.4GHz band, hopping only when necessary. 

“It out performs every other wireless gaming mouse”, Razer claims.

Razers answer to Logitechs G900 and G403. At $140 for the standard and $80 for the tournament edition, the Razer Lancehead sports an ambidextrous design, co-designed and manufactured by Omron. 

Razer Lancehead

Though Razer has dabbled in the wireless market before with the Mamba, this latest edition sets it apart from all competitors.

The Lancehead features a 24hr battery and of course Razers signature Chroma lighting, 5G Laser Sensor, true 16,000 DPI, 210 IPS tracking and 50g acceleration, mechanical switches with an extended durability of up to 50 million clicks and optimized to deliver a response time with a click latency that is the fastest in the world. And get this! 2 DPI buttons, allowing players to change sensitivity on the fly for every situation even in the midst of battle!

Razer Online Store

 Will the Lancehead stand up to the competitive gamers scrutiny? Only time will tell. 


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