Incase You Missed It #CallOfDutyWWII Spotlights, Trailer, Reveals & Confirms

Nine years after Call of Duty: World At War which was Treyarchs vision of WWII Activision brings us back with Sledgehammers’ make on the iconic period in history, Call Of Duty World War II. Sledgehammer confirms the franchise will return to “Boots On The Ground”. Something the COD vets have been wishing for. Also 3 game modes, a new spin on Zombies, a return to Divisions and the game mode from World At War called “War”. Without further due let’s get into it!


Nazi Zombie Horror

Zombies will have a Nazi origin and grace the genre of horror. If you didn’t know, Sledgehammer did “Dead Space”. If you’ve had a chance to play it then you know what they’re capable of producing when it comes to horror. I remember when I first got it and on the box it read, “play in the dark”. What an experience. One of my favorite horror titles. COD: Zombies is based on the Third Reichs’ attempt to create an army in the final stages of the war. 

Easter Egg Cipher

Multiplayer is confirmed to be 2 to 48 players. A huge increase in players so it’s safe to assume the maps will bigger than what we’ve seen in the past. If you’ve played “Infinite Warfare” you may remember the “Divisions”. Confirmed to make a return in CODWWII where you can enlist in a division, rank them up and get rewards. Another blast from the past is “War” which was first brought to us in “COD: World At War”. Sledgehammer will be putting their own spin on it. Next we have the “Head Quarters”. Similar to the tower in “Destiny” for one example. Also supply drops will be in the game. Wether they will be attained through “HQ” of another source is unclear. Now for confirmed weapons thus far. 

M1903 Bolt Action Sniper Rifle

M1 Grand Rifle

Grease SMG

MG42 German LMG

The Flamethrower might be available in multiplayer. The Bazooka is a sure fire to make an appearance. It hasn’t been any talks of specialist classes like in the Battlefield series but it’s still a ways to go. CODWWII is still in development. It has been confirmed to make an appearance at E3 with gameplay in tow. 

For more stay tuned into G.O.O.P. (Gaming On Other Planets) Level Up Your World


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