#AllGamersMatter and What can Devs do to help 

In a world ruled by differences, stigmas and stereotypes, the feeling of belonging has it’s shortcomings. 

Courtesy of Kotaku Gita Jackson: 

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I came across an article today about 17yr old Adam Bahriz aka Loop who is a CSGO player who streams on Twitch. Diagnosed with HSAN (Hereditary Sensory & Auditory Neuropathy) which is a degenerative disease that effects the nervous system. A speech impediment due to the disease, Adam was bullied offline Monday. With disclosing his condition at the beginning of random lobbies, Adam says, “80% of the feedback is usually positive.” Needless to say the CSGO community didn’t take to that to well. Rallying to support the comrade, donations poured in. Unbeknownst to them, Adams mom couldn’t afford his eye surgery until then. That was the tear jerker right there. Most of those donators may never know the impact they made on his life. An impact because of a common denominator we all share. Gamer! 

For the most part, the gaming community is a major cornerstone in social development, cooperative structure, escape, motivation and my personal favorite inspiration. 

Handi is one of those inspirations. Born without arms, Handi, another CSGO Twitch streamer who rivals some of the best pro players is the epitome of never giving up. 


Along with Keith Knight who goes by “The Aieron”, diagnosed with musculardistrophy, is one of the most popular WOW gamers around. Steve Spohn, confined to a wheelchair and the Editor-in-Chief for Ablegamers.org. Robert Kingett suffers from Cerebral Palsy and countless others with disabilities that share the same passion. Differences should never be the catalyst of judgement. We’ve all came across that lobby where the insults were beyond derogatory. This is not what gamers represent, it’s not what gaming is about nor does it come close to its spirit. 

The Aieron 

In a Q & A with Kingett in ’14 by IGN 

“I enjoy the art and everything else video games have to offer and that means enjoying it with all kinds of people.” 

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A gamer is a gamer is a gamer whether you’re a noob or professional, PC or console, black, white, yellow, brown, rainbow, male or female, abled or disabled, Orc, Elf or Knight. The accessibility may differ but never deter. In ’15 it was 33 million disabled gamers. That number has surely risen. Video games are therapists and rehabilitators common aides. The only question left, when will the studios accommodate? 

Mark Barlet, Founder & President of Ablegamers Foundation posed this same inquiry.

Adaptive gaming and what Devs can do to help.

You may never know who’s on the other end of that mic, their situation, what they’re going through and hard it was to cap that point or make that cross map kill.

With that being said, I hope this article reaches whom may care and see the gaming community through equalitys’ eyes. Though just a snippet of thought, I share this with great passion in hopes that I can change one person or even just get them to give it thought. Remember all gamers matter. You never know, your best friend may be in the next lobby. I met the mother of my son on Warframe. Trust me I know.

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