Destiny 2: What To Expect

Since it’s release in ’14, a BAFTA Award for best game and a British Academy Video Game Award,  it has been a slew of debates and mixed reviews. From it’s leveling system to if its a MMO, Bungie managed to maintain it’s fan base. Being the first installment of a ten year agreement Bungie has with Activision, the franchise featured a shared world of PvP and PvE of story missions, raids, free roam, objective and deathmatch modes. Accompanied with some expansion packs, The Dark Below in Dec ’14, House Of Wolves and The Taken King in ’15 and Rise Of Iron in ’16, Destiny weaved a tale unfinished. So is there a what’s next?

Three years after its release, a poster gave fans the answer to that question. Slated for this year Destiny 2 is confirmed and highly anticipated. With a new director Luke Smith onboard, what can we expect?

Rumors have it, it may be titled “Destiny 2: The Shattered Suns”

Centered around Osiris from “Trials of Osiris”. A warlock that’s oft alluded to but never seen.Bungie states they might not sell expansion packs after Destiny 2. Also doing away with DLCs and instead release free raids, planets, etc, through out time and continue only on the main games “The Taken King” and it’s successors. We do know High Moon studios a subsidiary of Activision is giving a hand with the new public space on Mars.

With that being said fans are hoping for better matchmaking. With the power of the next gens and the incorporation of Unreal Engine 4 with console, it’s safe to expect larger and more dynamic environments, detailed  graphics and more content. Wether the tech for a much better Destiny and a Destiny fans want will be used is up for grabs.


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